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American FlagWe Help Civilian Agencies Rethink Performance

Civilian agencies are under constant pressure to do more with less. Improve performance, transform citizen services and increase responsiveness -- all while relying on less funding. At the same time, agencies are being driven to consolidate systems and move to shared services models. Today's government IT leaders need to ensure they have the tools in place to measure the performance of their entire IT program portfolio as well as integrate strategic tools to ensure IT is properly aligned to agency objectives. A recognized leader, Paragon helps government improve IT performance, agility and governance.

Paragon was an early advocate for establishing an agency program management office (PMO) and developed the ePMODs (Enhanced Program Management Office Delivery System) methodology nearly a decade ago. Our advanced technology work around National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) interoperability resulted in Best of NIEM 2009 and NIEM 2011 recognition. Our experts follow industry best practices and integrate their recognized agency domain expertise to help you improve your ability to innovate, drive performance and ultimately realize the full return on your IT investments.

Proven Past Performance:

Department of Treasury, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

  • Portfolio Management and CPIC Support
  • Exhibit 300 Scoring and Portfolio Analytics
  • Project Management Support
  • EVM Policy and Guideline Development

DHS Science and Technology (S&T) RTI Program - Resource Management System

  • Lead Development of FEMA's Resource Typing Data Model
  • Develop and Deploy Prototypes.
  • Architect a Reusable Data Model Blueprint.
  • Collaborate with National Incident Management System (NIMS) to Build a NIEM-conformant data exchange message Information Exchange Package Documentation.

DHS US-VISIT Program Enterprise Architecture and Technical Support

  • Enterprise-level Architecture and Governance Support
  • Federal Agency Level Data Sharing
  • Standardization, Harmonization and Compliance Support
  • US-VISIT Mission Operations Support
  • Maintenance and Engineering Support of USA Primary Biometric System (IDENT) and Secondary Biographic System (ADIS)
  • Developing, managing and monitoring of US-VISIT Security C&A

DHS US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) ACE Program Technical and Application Support

  • Modernization of existing IT infrastructure
  • Deployment and management of middleware and application software
  • Design and development of custom software to integrate middleware with other existing applications

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